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Last week’s issue of Famitsu had a fairly big feature on Bayonetta 2. The magazine shared new details about bosses, weapons, and more.

We’ve managed to translate all of the relevant information from Famitsu’s report. For the latest information, head past the break.



– A stage under the sea is inhabited by a super huge demon known as Insidious
– The exterior of Insidious looks mechanical, but the demon has parts that are like grotesque eyeballs as well
– Stores huge magical powers inside its body
– Other demons may live inside the body so it acts as an assault landing ship in the war against heaven
– Design done by manga artist Eiichi Shimizu (Ultraman, Linebarrels of Iron)


– Third Sphere Archangel
– The oldest of angels
– Has a task to lead to prosperity by resonating with humans and spirits
– There is a theory that the concept of faith didn’t exist until Enrapture was born
– Absorbs magical power from Bayonetta
– Doesn’t have high power for direct attacks, but if you don’t beat it quickly, you’ll get into trouble
– Can boost fellow angels


– A living weapon which guards the city
– Its hard body is made of a special metal which holds records of all existence
– It analyzes intruders and may change its form according to enemy’s attacks and fights back with optimal attacks


– Third Sphere Archangel
– An angel which has soft body and tentacles so it resembles beings from deep sea
– Even though it looks like a water creature, it doesn’t appear only underwater
– It may require a different battle strategy depending on whether the battle takes place underwater or on land
– It is said to exist in order to remind of origins for people who are separated from Mother Sea and live on land

Story characters


– This elusive free journalist returns from the first game
– Appears suddenly at unexpected places
– This time wears eyeglasses
– Has a passion for finding the truth and for this reasons has traveled around the world
– Formerly had a complicated connection with Bayonetta, but now they have a mutually agreed relationship… or so he thinks
– Has guts to use his grappling hook to infiltrate places and to get his scoop



– The spirit of Undine is sealed inside this magical weapon
– Torn by love, Undine had thrown herself into Cocytus
– With Undine’s burning jealousy, the weapon can unleash flames on enemies
– Fire attacks may cause burn effect (continuous damage) on an enemy
– Enemies affected with her lamentation may get frozen solid
– Players can attack frozen enemies freely for a limited time
– Small frozen enemies can also be thrown at other enemies
– It is possible to change between fire and ice element
– With Undine, it is possible to summon Hydra from the underworld


– This magical weapon is the sickle of Chernabog who is a god of death dwelling deep in Hell
– The sickle has sealed many souls of demons within
– Rodin managed to seal the ultimate soul within it and restored the weapon to its former glory
– If one gets hit with Chernabog’s three blades, the darkness will corrupt the victim from the wound and curse the soul to Hell
– While Chernabog is slow, it is powerful and has long reach so it can hit multiple enemies at once
– By pressing the punch button, players can fire the 3 blades away to attack enemies at a distance or to deal great damage to a close enemy
– When wielding Chernabog and triggering Umbran Climax, Bayonetta can summon Mictlantecuhtli (giant bat from the underworld)
– Mictlantecuhtli uses its huge wings to attack enemies with shock waves


– The first Bayonetta supports gyro controls in certain situations (motorbike stage in the picture)
– It is said to be easy to switch between gyro and normal control during play so players may try out which suits them

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Willemijn Verkaik performing Donna Summer’s “Last Dance”

she’s so stupid i want ten

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Her look when she wants to eat


Her look when she wants to eat

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Pia Douwes and Willemijn Verkaik

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"Please, chosen hero, protect this land from the clutches of evil!"

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I still don’t know how I feel about this game but I DO know how I feel about Zelda Warrior Princess.


I still don’t know how I feel about this game but I DO know how I feel about Zelda Warrior Princess.

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Sketchdaily yesterday was Wizard of Oz so I snuck in a drawing of Elphaba from Wicked :D


Sketchdaily yesterday was Wizard of Oz so I snuck in a drawing of Elphaba from Wicked :D

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